Finally I found my favourite bowls in a local store. I love the beautiful pastel colours.

My favourite jewelry this week: golden watch and pink Marc Jacobs bracelet.

Perfect dinner for rainy and stormy fall evenings: homemade mac ‘n cheese.

I always love the heart the try to make on the cappucino.

A glimpse an Tuesday’s outfit: Massimo Dutti shirt, Zara jacket and Accessorize necklace ( I’ll combine it with skinny black jeans).

This morning when I left for work I really realized that fall has arrived. It was rainy, stormy and you could see the leafs falling down from the trees. It already got dark at 7pm and so I decided it’s the perfect evening for some homemade mac ‘n cheese paired with a glass of white wine and my favourite TV show. I like fall and I can’t wait to wear boots and warm cardigans. This week is going to packed with a lot work and some birthday planning for my future husband. So put a smile on your face to welcome fall.

Happy week!

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Pesto Bruschetta

I always loved to eat bruschetta as an appetizer, but sometimes it just tasted like a lot of garlic and cheap olive oil. I tried to varify a normal bruschetta by putting some red pesto on the roasted baguette. Don’t use too much pesto because the pesto tastes really intensive and so you would just taste the red pesto. You can use this pesto bruschetta as an appetizer as well as nice fingerfood on a party.


 My new scented candle from diptyque.

A pink neon shirt I found at J.Crew. I haven’t decided how to combine it yet. We’ll see…

  I love the package of this Hendricks Gin bottle. It reminds you of a circus.

                 The beautiful view from the Rhein river on Basel, which reminds me of my wonderful summer holidays.

The last weeks were really stressful and packed with a lot of work. And unfortunately the next weeks will look the same. Therefore I think we all need something to smile on monday to start the week with a happy feeling and to remember the nice and wonderful things of the last week wirh a smile on our faces. Happy week!

Mini Celebration Cupcakes

Last week I was invited to a birthday party, so I decided to make some cupcakes as a small extra present. I found these small cupcakes liners on the internet. I love cupcakes in all different styles but when you think of having cupcakes at a birthday party, I prefer mini cupcakes. I made plain white cupcakes and a buttercream vanilla frosting that I dyed light green and decorated with some coloured sprinkles. When you are at a party, you don’t want to have the icing all over your face. Therefore serving mini cupcakes is an elegant way to have cupcakes as dessert.

I used a box for having plain white cupcakes.                         

Golden Make-up

I have never been a really organized person, so my bathroom didn’t look really organized as well. But in the last few months I spent more money and time on choosing the right and more high-quality make-up. So I decided, it would be time to re-organize the make-up “situation” in my bathroom. We don’t have that much storage in our bathroom and therefore I had to think of solution that looks nice and is affordable at the same time. I saw this idea on another blog and tried to adapt this thought for my needs and my bathroom. I think the golden plastic boxes look really nice and not like an ordinary storage for my make-up and nail polish.