Pesto Bruschetta

I always loved to eat bruschetta as an appetizer, but sometimes it just tasted like a lot of garlic and cheap olive oil. I tried to varify a normal bruschetta by putting some red pesto on the roasted baguette. Don’t use too much pesto because the pesto tastes really intensive and so you would just taste the red pesto. You can use this pesto bruschetta as an appetizer as well as nice fingerfood on a party.


Mini Celebration Cupcakes

Last week I was invited to a birthday party, so I decided to make some cupcakes as a small extra present. I found these small cupcakes liners on the internet. I love cupcakes in all different styles but when you think of having cupcakes at a birthday party, I prefer mini cupcakes. I made plain white cupcakes and a buttercream vanilla frosting that I dyed light green and decorated with some coloured sprinkles. When you are at a party, you don’t want to have the icing all over your face. Therefore serving mini cupcakes is an elegant way to have cupcakes as dessert.

I used a box for having plain white cupcakes.